Frequent Questions
Why Do I Need A Website?

A website gives you the opportunity to advise and market your business for free. leveling the playing field amongst the competition, you have the ability to establish credibility and showcase your business and products, in your particular industry, for a fraction of the cost. Establishing a presence on the World Wide Web will ensure your success in today's economy, as well as the future.

Nothing Is Free...What's The Catch?

The development really is absolutely free! You commit to allow the Intern to show it off to prospective employers. That's it! And remember, even if you pay designer $10,000 to build you a site, it has to be hosted once the design has been completed.

What Is Included In The Hosting Package?

Fast, reliable and secure hosting, 500MB of space, 10 e-mail boxes, unlimited e-mail aliases, e-mail forwarding and autoresponders. A detailed marketing and statistics report. Unlimited file transfer and unlimited traffic. No extra hosting fees when you add content or extra pages to your site. Unlimited access to your site. Absolutely no hidden fees or surcharges!

How Do I Get A Domain Name Licensed To Me?

We'll register your domain name for you for free for the first year of your license! So, you pay nothing on enrollment. You will only need to renew yearly.

Will I Have Input On My Website Content And Design?

Absolutely! You supply the information to be used to design your website. Think of it as your company's front door, or store window to the world. Most people use current logos, brochures, pictures and marketing materials.

Will I Have Ownership Of My Website And The Copyright?

ABSOLUTELY! That's one of the major benefits of the program. You will own your site & the copyrights. We don't hold your business hostage like many commercial designers do. You will have control over your own property!

Will I Have Unlimited Access To My Website?

YES! You will have unlimited access via FTP or FrontPage 24 hours each day. You will be provided with your user name and password when your request is submitted in writing. This will be provided to you upon completion of your website.


Having a website on the internet allows you to:

Create a presence and display your business to effectively communicate your mission and purpose to the internet market.

Display and sell a variety of products and / or services.
Provide information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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