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International Academy of Design and Technology
WDI Intern Program Graduate - 2002

The Website Design Institute has given me an extraordinary opportunity. Without the experience that I received as a WDI intern, I would not have been able to acquire my current position as a professional website designer.

I was very excited to be selected as an intern for the program, as it gave me the opportunity to develop websites for many different businesses and industries. From small-scale, home-based businesses to larger companies with hundreds of employees, I was able to develop a vast variety of websites and designs that were all aimed to optimize their unique marketing identity and internet presence.

In addition to the excellent sites that I developed for my personal portfolio, the Website Design Institute passed along to me several letters of recommendation and praise straight from grateful clients whose websites I had worked on. This personal feedback was both personally gratifying and professionally rewarding, and no doubt played a large part in helping me to acquire my current professional position.

I am sincerely indebted to the staff and designers of the Website Design Institute and its many clients. Thanks to you all.

International Academy of Design and Technology
WDI Intern Program Graduate - 2003

I enjoyed working as an intern for the Website Design Institute because it gave me a chance to “get my feet wet”. I could work at my own pace and I was never loaded down with more than I could handle. It also let me work with a variety of different clients so that the web design work I was doing was not always the same style.

The people I worked with were knowledgeable in their fields and they often gave me a new perspective on my own work so that I was constantly improving myself.

Florida Metropolitan University
WDI Intern

The Website Design Institute gives me the opportunity to experiment with a variety of website designs. WDI employs the latest web design technology which gives me the opportunity to develop real-world experience using the current industry-standard programs. My goal is to employ this new technology to develop websites that benefit from the latest techniques, while remaining grounded in the principles of previous site designs that have yielded proven results.

International Academy of Design and Technology
WDI Intern

What I most enjoy about being a Website Design Institute intern is the opportunity to create Flash presentations for professional businesses. Custom Flash design is typically a very "high-end" addition to any website, as a result of the complexity of the sophisticated program used to make the presentation. It can be extremely difficult to gain professional experiences with Flash, since so few small businesses can afford it. WDI has developed a method that allows interns such as myself to gain Flash animation experience while enabling their clients to benefit from Flash technology. Everybody wins!

Hillsborough Community College
WDI Intern

Not only do I get the opportunity to create websites for many companies, I also get the benefit of having access to a professional web design studio. WDI remains on the cutting edge of design technologies, and I have been exposed to the latest software and hardware. While my classroom training at college has been excellent, there is nothing to compare with the real-world experience of actually working with the tools on a daily basis.


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